The Course is designed and developed by Captain Batra Classes Pvt. Ltd. for the candidate who seek and aspires hundred percent selection in his first attempt. This is a unique programme of its kind which assures a cadidate that institute is fully liable for the succes of the candidate and guarantees of whatever has been dreamt by him of joining Defense Forces will be fulfilled. We are committed for the sure selection because this is a guarateed programme and guardians are free from any anxiety and risk about the success of their ward and losing of their hard earned money due to the provision of reimbursement of fee in case of candidate not being selected in the opted examination.

We assure that if a candidate joins this course giving his full emphasis and concentration on his studies and maintains at least 90% attendance in his classes and appers in the test along with practice, he will surely succeed in the desired examination of Non-Commissioned category like AF(X/Y), NAVY (SSR/AA), Coastguard(Final Selection including phase I & II).

Course Introduction
1. Course Duration : 10 Month
2. Teaching Hours : 1000 Hrs.
3. Subject to be tought
Mathematics (335 hrs) Physics (335 hrs)
(a) Theory (Lecture) 200 hrs (a) Theory (Lecture) 200 hrs
(b)Practical & Doubt Session 135 hrs (b)Practice & Doubt Session 135 hrs
English (200 hrs) G.K. & G.D. (130 hrs)
(a) Theory (Lecture) 135 hrs (a) For Topics Current and Social Issues 65 hrs
(b) Practice 65 hrs (b) G.D. Session 65 hrs
4. No of tests to be conducted
5. Focus on all round development of candidate
6. Seminar on how to get successful career in Defense services (by the Defense expert & Ex. Army Officers)
7. Motivational Session by the selected cadets of the Captain Batra Classes serving in the Indian Armed Forces.
8. Rapid Fire test 10 Computer based test (10 x 2.5 = 25 hrs)
9. Personality Development and Communication Skill 50 hrs
10. Personal Doubts on Every Sunday apart from regular doubt session
Physical Training 100 hrs
11. Mock Test 2 Test- AF/NAVY (Before The Commencement of Examination by Air Force Selection Board)
12. Course Fee Rs. 100550/-


Captain Batra Classes Pvt. Ltd. offers specially designed courses for:

  1. Frontiers of SKY and OCEAN for AirForce & NAVY
  2. Frontiers of Border for Army Entry
Dear defence aspirants Captain Batra Classes Pvt. Ltd. is an institution which is known for its quality education since its inseption.
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